Nuit nightstand enjoys minimalist design, keeps your stuff organized

Nuit nightstand 4

Designed by Gemma Gimeno and Jessica Matthew, the Nuit is a minimalist nightstand that enjoys clean lines with striking elements that break up the continuity. The Nuit nightstand has space in it back where you can keep your books or magazines, so that they are always at hand when you feel like reading at night. The rest of the nightstand’s top can be used to place an alarm clock or a bedside lighting fixture.  In order to create a contrasting appearance, the drawers and the doors of the Nuit have been framed by the outer structure. The streaks and knots bestow the nightstand with rustic looks.

The Nuit nightstand doesn’t boast any high tech features, but it does manage to impress with its beautiful combination of form and functionality.

Nuit nightstand 1

Nuit nightstand 3

Nuit nightstand 5

Nuit nightstand

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