Revitalize Your Outdoor Space Through Pot Arrangements

Revitalize Your Outdoor Space Through Pot Arrangements

If you have a garden attached to your living space, whether it be sprawling greenery complementing a large home or a kitschy setup on your apartment balcony, there’s a good chance that you’ll have a few plants in pots. They could range from something like a pair of slim citrus trees to a couple of cute aloe vera plants, but in either case they are likely the apple of your eye.  Although the plants themselves are often the focal points of this combo, carefully considering how the pot works aesthetically can make your space pop even more. In this blog we discuss how the positioning of pots and the pots themselves can differently shape a garden – for the better or worse.

Positioning your pots for the better

Positioning your potsDespite potentially investing dozens of hours into researching the perfect plants for your outdoor space, you may not have even considered the impact garden pots may have when the two are paired. Instead, you might have dismissed the cost of plant pots and instead sought out the cheapest you could find. Although friendly to your wallet, this move would have quite a negative result on your garden, particularly as you would have already spent a great deal on it financially already.

Cheap black plastic pots are going to invariably draw people’s gaze when they’re sitting alongside a stark white wall, so why not spend a little bit more for a whole lot more visual punch? Consider instead a series of identical pots that are spaced uniformly against the wall, creating a pleasant sense of symmetry. Then, you can consider the kinds of colors and textures that you’d like in the spot – you can then opt for something like a glazed blue pot or go back to basics with an ornate terracotta pot.

Understanding your space

Obviously not all pots work in every space – you can’t really have a chunky pot occupy all of the space in a small balcony garden, for instance. In these spaces, smaller pots will work in unison to create a sense of exciting sensory appeal. If you are choosing to use a series of pots, it’s recommended that you either use the same design for every pot, or ensure that every pot is different. Having pots that are dissimilar, yet complementary have the potential to create a highly diverse visual scene, rather than a mismatched one. It’s also valuable to consider the way that plant pots can be introduced to modify your space – larger pots can occupy areas that you’d like to segment to create the most out of bigger areas, while pots can also be incorporated in areas where you’d enjoy more privacy.

Get as creative as possible

Get creativeAt the end of the day, introducing interesting plant pots to your space can be considered a bit of an art. There’s huge flexibility and creative freedom involved, and there is huge potential to wow any guests that come over – just think about how different plant types complement different pot colors and textures, and you’ll have any idea of how many things are possible! Pots can also change seasonally and with the plants you put in them, so your garden can also be organically shifting to suit changing seasons and moods. In these cases, you can get in touch with like-minded people to swap pots!

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