The 12 Best Smart Home Gadgets from CES 2020

Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera

CES 2020 was the biggest till now for smart homes. There were hundreds of companies featuring the very best and latest of brilliant and exciting products. There were some which stole the show as usual. The prevalent themes were privacy, security, lighting and appliances. Check out the best of the smart home gadgets from CES 2020.

12 best smart home gadgets from CES 2020

Ballie from Samsung

Ballie from Samsung

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The robot that was one of the main attractions at this year’s CES show, was the yellow colored robot shaped like a ball and called Ballie. It was the worldwide debut of the robot at the show. It is a prototype as of now, so the functions are not yet clear. The bot, which was displayed in 5 colors, showed off the features at Las Vegas. It would have the ability to independently control the home – open shades to let the light in and wake you, have an air purifying robot in the home where it is most needed, play with your pet dog when you are not there, and command the vacuum robot to clean up.

The futuristic home technology of the robot integrated with the smart home platform SmartThings of Samsung, and will communicate with the IoT gadgets in your home. With microphone, sensors and cameras, it will be controlled by voice and will respond to everyone in the home.

Kohler Moxie

Kohler MoxieMoxie is the gizmo for music lovers. You can listen to your favorite tunes as you shower, as Moxie allows Alexa right into the showerhead. The device has two parts, a circular showerhead and a part for the Alexa speakers that stream music into the showerhead. The speaker can be taken out and charged. Music in the bathroom will not be limited to your singing only now!

M5 Smart Thermostat

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This innovation is part of the futuristic home technology that conserves energy and simplifies smart homes. The thermostat is aesthetically pleasing and can fit in with any home décor. It does not only control the heating/cooling, but acts as the central hub for all the Resideo security products you have in your home. If you want to monitor as well as manage the air quality within your home, and want a device to detect water leaks, this smart thermostat can do it all.


Trova storage boxesThe ultra modern safe in pretty colors was designed by a husband-wife team from Colorado. It’s a simple and attractive way to store your valuable without having to hide it. The storage boxes are designed in a way that they can be left out in plain sight, with none the wiser, in the living room or bedroom. Trova can be opened with the help of biometric scanning and Bluetooth, so you never have to worry about the keys.

Philips Hue – Outdoor lights

Philips Hue – Outdoor lightsPhilips Hue displayed their fascinating range of outdoor lights, including the Appear light, that can be mounted on the walls. The Econic pedestal, and spotlight Lily XL were on display too, and could support Hue’s astonishing range of 16 million colors. To qualify as true smart home innovation, they have Bluetooth and Zigbee support. As of now, these lights are available only in the US.

Wayzn Slide

Wayzn SlideCES 2020 had something for everyone, including pet owners. The Wayzn slide door device opens the sliding door just enough to let the pet out or in, and eliminates the need to install an unattractive plastic pet door. Motion sensors can open the door automatically, and the beauty of the door is that it recognizes your pet and does not open the door for any unknown animal.

Another way to control it is the voice control via Google Assistant or Alexa or a smartphone app. Wayzn’s mechanical arm can be folded up when it is not used. And as it does not require nails or screws to be fitted, you can de-install and take it with you when you move. It’s a smart home device which would be very useful for pet owners.

LG ThinQ Smart Door

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The latest thing about home security is not smart locks or video doorbells, but the entire door is the platform for home security. The shiny structure has several biometric security devices built in, scanning the owner’s faces and palms and then granting access. It has another welcome feature – two receptacles for accepting deliveries, which as you can imagine, is most useful.

One of the receptacles is for perishables and the other for regular deliveries. The owners can control the receptacles remotely. The interior is a smart screen, which displays the temperature, time as well as receptacle contents. This door is an example of the futuristic technology we would be seeing and using in the coming years.

Samsung Sero

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The Sero is a home innovation from Samsung that has been developed keeping in mind the interest of their viewers’ preference for streaming, as well as bigger screens. The Sero, which is a 47 inch 4K QLED TV screen, can connect to the phone, and in the case of Android users automatically rotates 90 degrees to the Portrait mode, allowing viewers to watch app based content such as Instagram and Tik Tok in proper viewing perspective. The Sero is available in South Korea currently and will be available in the UK and US later this year.


DabbyImage Source :

There are tons of streaming services, but nothing to manage them till now. The Dabby can help to manage several different streaming services and connect to your TV. It looks like a tablet and has touchscreen controls as well as voice control. It uses AI to crawl the net for entertainment options, apart from your existing ones. It keeps track of your payments for various services as well, and also lets you know how much you use them.

Oral-B iO

Oral-B iOThose serious about their dental hygiene and do not mind sharing their health data to any large company will like this connected toothbrush from Oral-B. Users have found it to be quite comfortable and there are a number of features such as the animation which illustrates the area you’re brushing real time, and a score as to how well you brushed your teeth. It might inspire you to keep on top of your brushing routine to get to the highest score.

Available along with it is the Oral-B Guide, which is a toothbrush charger doubling as an Alexa powered smart speakers system. It displays the four segment timer for the toothbrush via the LED ring around its side to let you know when you have to switch sides. The device is water resistant and the grippy base is designed to stick onto the sink.

Lockly Vision

Lockly VisionThis is smart lock and video doorbell combo making it a fantastic combination for homeowners. The Vision can stream the HD video to any smartphone, iOS or Android based, can record the footage in the cloud or locally. It has two way audio to converse with the guests and works via Google Assistant, Alexa and Apple HomeKit. The other advantage is that it can connect directly to the Wi-Fi, and has physical key, keypad, fingerprint reader as well as the Lockly app. The fingerprint reader can store a whopping 99 prints.

Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera

Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight CameraThe Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera is an achievement from the company which is known for setting the bar for security cameras. The Pro 3 is the first completely wireless floodlight camera in the world. All you have to do is stick it outdoors without the hassle of setting up wires.

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