Samurai Chair gives the illusion of its legs being chopped down with a katana

Samurai Chair

Like the Hidden Chairs by French design studio Ibride, the Samurai Chair is something you will not get to see every day. Designed by Seo Young Moon, the Samurai Chair makes for a fascinating optical illusion that is sure to leave you flabbergasted. The chair looks like as it has been chopped down at its legs by a samurai’s razor sharp katana. However, you do not need to worry about being falling over, as the Samurai chair is quite sturdy and is capable of supporting up to 330 pounds in weight.

The wooden Samurai Chair’s ingenious design asks for immediate attention and promises to be an eye-catcher in any setting.

Seo Young Moon Samurai Chair

Samurai Chair 1

Samurai Chair 2

Samurai Chair 3

Samurai Chair 4

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