Savoir Beds unveils limited edition $175,000 luxury bed fit for royalty

Savoir Royal Bed

Earlier, we have shown you some of the most amazing high tech luxury beds that promise blissful sleep at a cost. This time, British mattress maker Savoir Beds is taking the concept of ‘luxury sleeping’ to a whole new level with its new Royal Bed, which costs a whopping $175,000. The company is describing its new luxury mattress as “an investment” in your comfort and happiness. Alistair Hughes, managing director at Savoir Beds, cited that this heftily priced bed is an investment that will pay off every morning of your life.

The $175,000 Royal Bed took 700 hours of labor to complete and the materials used include curled Latin American horsetail, pure Mongolian cashmere and more than 1,600 miles of specially woven silk. Moreover, each Royal Bed is custom made according to the client’s liking for the size and the support. The royal buyers can have their own family crest, initials or an emblem embroidered into the mattress. Royal School of Needlework, known for its role in making Princess Kate’s beautiful wedding dress, will handle the embroidery work.

Only 600 Royal Beds will be made available for sale. The first Royal Bed will be unveiled at Kensington Palace in London today.


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