Scrubba wash bag needs no electricity to clean your clothes

Scrubba wash bag

Doing laundry has never been an entertaining task, especially in the places that are not even connected to the electric grid. We have earlier introduced you to some of the most innovative washing machines that need no electricity to do your laundry. Enter Scrubba, the world’s smallest washing machine that has been designed with a traveler in mind. Whether you are trekking, hiking, camping or visiting some remote off-grid area, the Scrubba wash bag seems the best way to wash clothes. Lightweight and compact, the crowdfunded Scrubba wash bag needs no power or electricity. All you need to do is to put the dirty clothes inside the Scrubba wash bad, add some water and soap, and rub from the outside.

The Scrubba is made from high quality urethane coated nylon fabric, and features hundreds of resilient washing modules, patterned super grip surface and an air removal valve. Available in black, red or blue, the Scrubba wash bag costs $59.95. While the Scrubba wash bag is primarily targeted at the travelers, it’s a perfect washing machine for students and for those living in off-grid areas without electricity.

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