Simple DIY home bar ideas for your modern home


After a long hectic day, nothing is as relaxing as a cocktail. If you like unwinding the drink but don’t want to expense or stress yourself in going out in the town to have it, just try to design your own bar. There are so many options to purchase but concocting a mini bar project of your own will bring out the personal style with you. You can make DIY bar using scratch or rely over easily upgraded and existing pieces incorporating some interior designing tips.

Whatever way you choose, you will enjoy the joy of making your own bar that is customised as per your needs, where you want a large storage, display the liquor collection or making it as a friends gathering spot. So are you getting thirsty? Just grab the drink and learn some tempting DIY home bar ideas.

13 simplest DIY home bar ideas

  1. Discreet hideaway:
    A cabinet mounted at wall is the very sly way of keeping your minibar hidden from the sight. The door can be folded down and held in place using chains which can be used like a table and instantly expands your space of entertainment.
  2. Colourful concoction: Design your own bar using a table half cut and bolted with the wall. The open design of this minibar leaves a plenty of storage space and creates adequate space to make wineglasses hang beneath the top most shelf. A cheerful coat of yellow paint can make it bright and charming.
  3. Hide and drink: Keeping the adult drinks away from kids is a matter of concern. Using a small closet as bar area will let you keep it safe by locking it down. Add some downlights and backsplash mirrors to make this dark closet turn into a fab in no time.
  4. Tune in: Old televisions may not work longer but still can be put to functional use. Create a mad men style in your home by turning your vintage TV set into a bar. The TVs during 1960s were retrofitted and glued with lights and shelves to give out a charming display.
  5. Off the wall:home-bar-ideas
    This is the perfect solution to create a mini bar project in your small apartment. Clusters of wine shelves and racks create a feeling of bar without taking any floor space. Hang up a chalkboard to display the overall arrangement with a cheerful tone.
  6. Kitsch from kitchen: DIY home bar ideas recommend kitchen carts as the easiest for multipurpose use as there is a lot of storage built-in and plenty of rooms for wine rack under the cabinet. Painting carts by some funky colours can strike your light hearted mood inviting an atmosphere of party.
  7. File it: It is among the clever DIY home bar ideas and is similar to a library card catalogue to store the liquor bottles. The labels are handy and placed at the front of the drawers which means that you don’t need a system of dewy decimals for finding your favourite drink.
  8. Thrifty and nifty: Creating a custom bar look on a shoe stringing budget is very easy. Colourful sticks on the drawers could transform this IKEA cart in just a few minutes. Attach some fun signage like letters of wood spelling bar to give a great graphical impact.
  9. Turning a corner: Show off proudly the finest liquor collection of yours using a dazzling wall display to house all of them. The floating bars could bar eye- catching as they fill up the gabs between cabinets and make use of some awkward corner.
  10. Rake it:home-bar-ideas
    Use a garden rake for holding wineglasses and to add a moment of charm and whimsy over the table top of the bar area. Simply bolt down the tool over the wall and make sure that there are prongs in the chosen rake which are long enough to hold the stems of the glassware securely.
  11. Over the wagon: The classical red wagon will serve out as a neat container for glasses and bottles, especially when set over the top of the base of a sewing machine. This will create a vintage look and is great for both indoor as well as outdoor fun. The wagons can also be filled with ice to get a cooler party time.
  12. Block it: This is the simplest among the best DIY home bar ideas. Simply stack up wood boards and alternate cilderblocks to create basic shelves for the bar. Jusxtaposition the wood and concrete using interior designing tips to bring a modern flair in the interior.
  13. Great vintage: This a rustic bar made out of charming vintage balusters, shelves and door. For aesthetic recreation, paint a clear coat to seal the peeled paint and shelves are to be added to give a storage space of glasses and bottles.

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