Functional things to put on the bedside table


A bedside table is a lot more than just putting up your phone and watches. It’s a small space but don’t underrate its uses as we can do lot of experiment with bedside table. There are many things to put on the bedside table and make the best use of it. So why not just explore some of the ideas to give it your table a makeover and by decorating it in a beautiful way.

Keep it simple

Functional-things-to-put-on-the-bedside-tableThe first aspect of keeping a bedside table is to keep it simple. Do not throw everything on it and start with clean. Bedside table has to be clean and if you are not convinced by your table, you can try up recycling project to give it a new look. This way you can update your table also; there are many DIY side table ideas which you can try.  Another way is you can go for any old or unused table and chair available at your home; anything which you think will look good next to your bed. Make sure the size is not high enough for your bed. Once you are done with the size, give it a makeover and style it according to your choice by painting it and decorating as per your choice.

Wall mounted bedside table

With this idea, you can save a lot of spaces in your room. A wall mounted bedside table is a great idea. A wooden case to install your table on your wall. It is the modern and best bedside table decor ideas 2018 to try. One of the best advantages of this bedside table is you will not bang upon it every time in the night as it comes in angled shape. But keep in mind to check for the proper support in the wall before fitting as it is heavy and can hamper your wall.

Give it a colorful look

Plan up as how you wanted to décor your bedside table. Firstly, Colour scheme is very important to match up your side table with the choice of your color. You can try a new monochromatic look which looks perfect and gives a modern look to your room. Or a rustic theme is another option to keep an earthy look which gives away the natural look to your home. One of the latest bedside table decoration ideas is to add some bling effect. A touch of gold, copper can add a texture even if you are keeping a simple table. Prepare in advance as for how you want to style and starts collecting ideas.

Hanging bedside tables

The hanging table is one of the best bedside table decoration ideas. Made of galvanized steel metal, it is hanged from the ceiling at two different level making it secures to keep enough things on it. You can arrange things on it which looks unique and gives away a different effect. It does work same as the bedside table but avoid keeping liquid items on it. It is ideal for the siblings especially when they are sharing the space together.  You can keep it in the middle in between two cots which would not only look good but also save space.

Things to put on the bedside table

bedside-tablePeople often end up keeping too much stuff on their bedside table which looks messy and over the top. Keep only the things which you want to be available at your bedside when you are on your bed. Start with keeping a lamp. Keep a smaller lamp according to the size of your bedside table unless you have a hanging pendant or a wall light. A wall light close to your bedside table also looks good and saves your tablespace making it cozier. It works in two as it fulfills the requirements of the lamp without obtaining any space. Or, if you are going for a lamp, choose the smaller lamp so that you can arrange different items around it.

Bedside table cum storage area

A bedside tool chest is the most durable table option. Adjust as many multiple drawers for storage and cast. It’s multipurpose and has its own place. So choose a chest design bedside table. It can save you a lot of places. You can also keep a handy ceramic or wood or glass box on your bedside table or inside the chest.  Can keep so many things in it instead of scattering it in the table. Keep your private stuff in it and keep your jewelry while you set to sleep. Just pop it in the box as you lay down. Also, keep your favorite book handy in it to save extra space. Style the box which matches with the table, it looks stylish, it’s practical and can use for many proposes. So a handy box is must in this list.

Fresh flowers to add freshness and glamour


This is one thing that has been there on your side table. It provides freshness and looks beautiful too. Select a sleek piece of the vase to beautify your bedside table with fresh flowers. A fresh flower doesn’t mean that you always have to buy fresh flowers from the market. Just one rose or tulip or any other flower from your garden is enough to give that effect. Every time you change the flower, it will give a new look altogether. Small indoor greens or plants are also advisable to add greens.

Balance is the key

A great bedside table is all about balancing of all the things. The shape of the table, Color, height, texture and the things you have put on it. Keep the things minimal and see if something is missing from it and what all you need to fulfill the need of bedside table.

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