Smart furniture you’ll love for their theatric and functional use

The furniture of the future is smart. Nowadays, the sophisticated and exquisitely beautiful pieces of smart technology that you would see in most homes have features, which are drawn from the digital world surrounding us. Furthermore, contemporary art is reflected in furniture with these designs as they are extremely appealing and functional as well. The stunning designs make you stop and reflect for a moment. The space used is minimal and the materials used to manufacture are quite unconventional. Check out these highly imaginative designs which will unlock the doors of your creativity.

teamLab Digital Furniture


Interactive furniture that responds to you is a reality now. teamLabs Digital Furniture is an interactive interface which responds to the behavior of the people around it. It can make people happier and makes it easier to be emotionally involved with other people. This tech inspired furniture builds a bridge between technology and human emotions. Never thought that furniture could make someone happy or be able to connect people! 

Thermochromic Table


A product from Jay Watson Design, it has a heat sensitive surface which changes color temporarily when heat is applied. Painted with a thermochronic paint which makes it heat sensitive and made out of solid oak, this table brings the traditional and digital world closer. And you’ll definitely want to leave your fingerprints on it!It’s an example of high-tech furniture but boasting a simple and classic design. 

Mood Chair


The Mood Chair is an interactive chair that changes color when its inbuilt sensors and microchips and LED lights respond to the changes in color of the environment and users. This is done through Aether and Hemera’s software embedded in the chair.This high-tech furniture enables you to sample the new aesthetic which is a fusion of art and technology.

Ripple Interactive Led Coffee Table


This coffee table has light and touch sensitive detectors built in it. If something is put on it, it glows on that area. The illuminating effect is not there when there is no pressure on it. There is no energy consumption when it is not being used. Great to have a party where you can dim the lights, enjoy the cool display of light from your coffee table and show off your sophisticated modern artistic furniture.

Push And Store Cabinet


This cabinet has no shelves. How is that even possible? It’s the ingenious idea that we must take our hats off to, solving that problem which we always face – not having just that unique space to fit something in your shelf. Instead, it has a grid of wooden shafts which slide freely along each other. This unique feature makes it ideal to store many different items without having to think whether they’ll all fit together, because they will!You can’t place it against a wall, though.

WaSnake Shelf


This shelf is made of wood and elastomer and can be reconfigured to suit any space. It displays messages and comments from your family on the colored LED and optical fiber cluster and can be connected to your computer.It can display your text messages from your selected RSS feed.The WaSnake shelf is a supreme example of tech inspired furniture.It’s also a boon for wives who hate their husbands hiding behind a newspaper or being totally immersed in the TV as they now can attend to wives and news simultaneously!

FLOE table


The Floe table is designed with Swarovski crystals and LED lights which shine brilliantly on the elegant translucent glass top. The light flickers and moves and plays with shadows when touched. The tabletop is resilient and scratch proof. The FLOE table is designed by Tomoko Azumi showcasing the use of crystal in furniture.

The table is actually a collection of three tables. The sleek and elegant lines make it a piece of artistic furniture anyone would be proud to have. It’s like having a sculpture installation in your own home. The three tables have a very tranquil feel to them and the gently moving lights will calm you down after a hectic day.

These tech savvy furniture designs help us to envision a future world where technology will lead. This is just the beginning of avant-garde design using smart technology.

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