Give your bathroom a unique look and feel with these ideas

A lot of thought is put into decorating bathrooms which are designed into unique, interesting spacesinstead of an area which used to be dull and dreary. Whether you have a huge bathroom or a tiny one, there are so many innovative designs available which help you to decorate your bathroom in your own personal style.

If you’re constructing a new one, then you can plan everything according to your taste. You can revamp your old bathroom completely or keep the layout same and just make a few cosmetic changes. There are many ways to make a bathroom unique – the correct use of colors and patterns and accessories can give your bathroom a one-of-a-kind look that’s simply stunning. Here are some ideas you can consider: 

Color Scheme


The right color scheme is important for the perfect bathroom décor. You can have a lighter color at the eye-line as it gives an airy and fresh feel. A darker color below the baseline will provide an interesting contrast and set off lighter colored fixtures, besides giving your bathroom a rich feel. Adding a dash of color will immediately change the look.

If you don’t want to change the color of the walls, but still feel that you need something colorful, go for colorful accessories like colorful bins. You can always change them whenever you want and put in something else instead. It’s a totally inexpensive way of creating a unique style.

Accent walls

Give your imagination free reign to mix and match tiles to create an accent wall. You can incorporate mirrors into the pattern too, which will make it outstanding. You can have a rustic accent wall too, by designing a pattern with wooden slices glued to a plyboard. This gives a warm and woody feel to your bathroom.

Get creative with sinks

Sinks come in all sizes and colors and forms and materials. Choose one which is interesting and striking, like a vessel sink. Making the change from traditional porcelain sinks to ones made of natural materials and imperfect shapes is a powerful style statement. Blown-glass, carved wood and stone sinks look sophisticated and elegant. 

Display frames


Frames are in. Your focus could either be what’s within the frames or the frames themselves, as they come in a variety of waterproof designs. Or you could frame funny quotes and have a wall full of them. Filling up a wall in this way can hide flaws in your existing wall, besides looking chic and trendy. 

Use a pattern

The use of patterns in a bathroom can energize the space. It’s one of those great bathroom tips. You can keep the rest of your bathroom same but introduce a pattern in the form of a colorful drapery panel or just frame a colorful wallpaper! Horizontal grey and white curtains or navy and white can match any color palette and make your bathroom exciting. You can change these low cost options and go for a new look whenever you choose. 

Striking mirror designs

You can’t do without a mirror in the bathroom. You can utilize this essential accessory as an element of design. A statement mirror frame can either be bought or made by you at home. You can hang a mirror to be a little dramatic. You can do this by hanging one from the ceiling if tiles get in the way. Huge wall to wall mirrors are a smart way to make your bathroom feel spacious. A wooden handcrafted DIY mirror will be worth the hours of loving labor you put in. 

Stylish Hardware


Hardware often is neglected or chosen hurriedly as an afterthought. Hardware that is unique will give your bathroom an original look. You can pick up fun and quirky knobs and handles or beautiful and elegant, according to your theme. You can change the look of a plain vanity with interesting knobs. The faucets offer up a wide range of possibilities. You have virtually unlimited options to select an extraordinary design which will give your bathroom an instant makeover. 

Create an amazing bathroom just by making a few adjustments or remodeling it completely using these handy tips. A stylish bathroom you’ll be proud to show off to your friends and one which will add value to your home, if you ever want to sell it.

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