Stella Bleu’s Industrial Corner Bookshelf is a sure conversation starter

Bibliophiles know very well the importance of a strong and attractive bookcase. While it’s an easy task to find a regular bookcase on the shelves, you need something creative and interesting if you wish to add some liveliness to your home décor.  Pictured above is the Industrial Corner Bookshelf from the house of Stella Bleu Designs, which makes for a great conversation starter. Sure to blend seamlessly with any contemporary décor, Stella Bleu’s unique pipe corner design features eight shelves and the best thing is that it doesn’t take too much of your living space.

The amazing bookshelf measures 52-inch tall and every side reaches 11-inches from the shelf corner. They cut, thread and weld each piece of pipe with hand. Available at Etsy, the latest Industrial Corner Bookshelf design comes with an industrial-style hanging pendant. Available in Red/White Houndstooth or Green/Golden woven pattern, the bookshelf also boasts retro styled cloth covered wiring. You can go for extra pendants at an addition charge.

All bookshelves are made from industrial iron piping. You can custom order the bookshelf to suit your liking and the space. The kit comes complete with matching screws and hanging instructions. The Industrial Corner Bookshelf sells for a mere $159 and the one with pendant lighting will set you back $259.

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