Still Life Décor to Make Your Home Creative and Artistic

Alexander Kent

Want to decorate your house in a unique and elegant way, “still life” is back to rejuvenate your interior decoration, making it bounce back to life. This article shares ultimate still life decoration ideas from extremely talented artists to give your house a new and unique feel. Read on to know more…

Eric Trine:

Designer Eric Trine has created an excellent work of art in his series named Alley-Oop, which consists if several unique and attractive geometric forms, including sculptures, small designs and decorative objects, for houses. The gifted artist believes in creating designs out of shapes instead of just drawing them out. His work is inspired by art, craft and design and simply too alluring to resist.

Richie Talboy:

Photographer Richie Talboy from Brooklyn is yet another artist who has fascinated us with his extremely creative work. His designs are a perfect blend of retro and modern day motifs. Richie’s extremely innovative “After Memphis” art series comprise a great work of Memphis-Milano designs that were very popular in the 1980s. All in all Richie Talboy’s novel and fresh art will leave you completely overwhelmed.

Alexander Kent:

Alexander is a photographer from London who loves to explore the various angles experimenting with the colors and boundaries of still life. All of Kent’s advertising and personal collection is intensely eye catching and extra ordinary. In his works, you can clearly notice the free flow of colors from a white background to wall, furniture and floor and an amazing foreplay of the light and dark shades that truly redefines an organized place.

Still Life Decoration Forms for Houses

Geometric Pillows:

These attractive cushions are designed with the theme based on geometric patterns and shapes can be placed beautifully to enhance the look of your bedroom or even your living room.

Wooden Candleholders:

Your kitchen accessories and decoration items like candles are not meant to be hidden. You can display them attractively using a wooden candleholder.

Cutting boards and other items:

Geometrically patterned chopping boards and culinary items are a good way to display your love towards arts and creativity. These forms of Living are modern and contemporary that would increase your kitchen’s beauty.

Mirage Shelving:

A shelf set neatly against a dual-tone backdrop will surely make your kitchen the most talked about in town.


If you are planning to return to the “still life” and give a unique look to your home, there are a number of decorative items, such as Totem Lights by Jamie Julien-Brown, which would help you be creative in your home décor.

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