Surprise your teenager with these bedroom makeover design ideas

Surprise your teenager

Renovating a teenager girl’s bedroom is a task. The very fact that your little baby girl has new choices makes it challenging to decide on a theme for a bedroom makeover. Well, if you want to surprise your girl this year with a new look, why not consider these bedroom makeover design ideas

The honeycomb wall brings in a new twist

honeycomb wall

One of the most interesting teenage bedroom design ideas would be to give a new look to one of the walls. You can opt for the honeycomb look and paint it in different colors. If you want, you can go for the multi-colored look or choose various hues of the color your child loves the most.

Glitter themed bedroom makeover design ideas

One of the latest trends that have gained popularity is the Glitter themed look. From Glittered walls to even furniture that has a glitter finish. In fact, you can also get bedroom linen that has a glittery feel to it. This is a perfect idea for girls who love the bling look in general.

Consider a fabric dresser as one of the bedroom makeover design ideas


Since we are talking about teenagers, this is one of the essential furniture for a girl. She can use this dresser in many ways. The multiple storage facilities give her the flexibility of storing anything and everything she wants at arm’s reach. This idea a great way to give your old dresser a new look.

Why not consider a multi-purpose room instead

Having a multi-functional bedroom is a boon. These sorts bedroom makeover design ideas allow you the flexibility of using the room to the fullest. Consider creating sections within the room so that each space has its own individuality. This idea is ideal for children who are into various activities and want to have space within their own comfort zone.

Makeover ideas for teenage bedrooms with magnets

magnet board for all her makeup products

When you have a teenage girl in the house, make-up is something that will always be a part of the room. Consider having a magnet board for all her makeup products. All you need is to buy small-sized magnets and stick them on. This will make it easier for her to organize her dresser. Another good thing about this idea is that it serves the multi-functional purpose. It is not just make-up, but she can place various things like photo frames, small souvenirs etc.

Texture walls with yarn

If you are planning to paint your teenager’s bedroom, then why not opt for the textured finish. You can use yarn to bring in the texture look on the walls. This is one of those bedroom makeover design ideas that does not need a professional hand. Mix and match colors or even go for a single one and see how different the room will look.

Marble top furniture with an air suspended bed         

air suspended bed   
Marble top furniture is easy to maintain. When you opt for marble top teenage bedroom design ideas, you do not have to worry about the wear and tear. This is one of those ideas, which are perfect for parents who have a tomboy in the house. Since it is easy to maintain, you do not have to worry too much when it comes to cleaning the room.  The air suspended bed will add to the benefit of decorating the bedroom anyway you want.

Makeover ideas for teenage bedrooms with graffiti’s

There are endless ideas and concepts that you can opt for if you plan to use graffiti. From words of wisdom to a favorite tagline or even a concept or theme. You can go all creative with this idea to come with some nice bedroom makeover design ideas for the new look.

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