Swinging bed doubles as a sun bed, lounge chair or a futon for two

Relaxing in your backyard with a cup of coffee is one of the best ways to rejuvenate yourself. If you are looking for some distinctive outdoor furniture unit that could solve more than one purpose while giving you all the comfort, you would definitely love this Swinging Bed. Designed by Krisztina Matyi, the Swinging bed is a multifunctional outdoor furniture unit, which you could use as sun bed, a swinging bed, a lounge chair or a futon for two. Offering a great way to enjoy your leisure time, the Swinging bed can be set in different positions by adjusting its backrest. It gives the homeowners the utmost comfort and freedom to play with the Swinging bed and create the perfect setting to suit their liking.

While the yellow color of Swinging bed stands for happiness and faith, the white expresses honesty and durability. With the Swinging bed, Krisztina Matyi wanted to propose safety and durability in a very light, subtle way.

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