Terrarium Desk brings a little green to your workspace

Daniel Zeller Terrarium Desktop

Terrariums are a stylish way to bring a little greenery indoors. Taking the concept of a terrarium to a new level, product developer Daniel Zeller has made the Terrarium Desktop to bring nature right at his workspace. Daniel created this custom terrarium desk after being fed up with the long, chilly winters in Norway. The Terrarium Desk hides inside a mini garden illuminated with LEDs and the beauty of green plants can be enjoyed from the tempered glass on the tabletop.

The desk’s pullout drawer lets you water the plants with ease. This is undoubtedly one of the coolest DIY green projects I’ve stumbled across lately, but it’s sad he is not selling it.

Terrarium Desktop 2

Terrarium Desktop

Terrarium Desktop 1

Via: Gizmodo/Inhabitat

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