Decorative Kladis table lamp comes with magnetic interchangeable shades

Kladis table lamp

Interchangeable lampshades are a neat idea to have a vibrant decor, but the process of replacing shades could be troublesome at times. Addressing the same issue, Derek Rungsea of Itsara Koncepts has designed the Kladis, a table lamp that eases the process with its magnetic interchangeable shades. With the Kladis lamp, changing shades is a matter of seconds. The users can customize the Kladis to suit their taste and complement the space décor by opting for their favorite colors.

There is no need to unscrew any parts and you can have a lamp of your liking for any occasion. The use of pliable plastic for the shades lets the light illuminate the fabric in alluring ways. The spiral shade features two pieces that go into the slots on the mounting frame and then wrapped around in a clockwise direction. The magnets do the needful during the process. Both the shade assemblies as well as the mounting frame house different sized magnets.

A range of colors makes Kladis a fun, interactive piece. Itsara Koncepts is currently looking for funding to back the project and put Kladis table lamp into production.

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