The i-Umbrella Stand by Di-Classe with artificial grass base

An umbrella stand needs not to be boring. Designed by Di-Classe, the i-Umbrella Stand is one cool design that will look good inside any urban apartment setting. The i-Umbrella Stand not only offers you a neat way to keep your dripping umbrella inside, but also add a touch of greenery to your décor. The base of the i-Umbrella Stand features a bedding of artificial grass. While the short, foldable umbrellas can be hooked to the rail with their strap, the tall umbrellas can be stand up to the stand’s frame. The umbrella stand comes in a neat, white design, measures 220 x 130 x 400mm and weighs in at 1.2kg.

Made with steel frame, stainless base tray and artificial turf, the i-Umbrella Stand is available at Japan Trends Shop for $105.

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