The refrigerator door gets a new job by going multifunctional

 Refrigerator with touch controls

Refrigerator is necessary to fit in standard kitchens to make it more efficient. A good refrigerator is one that fits maximum number of food items in it, without hogging up all the space.

New refrigerators are taking over the old ones, as they incorporate latest technology and are energy efficient. Moreover, these refrigerators are designed keeping in mind the needs of the modern kitchens. Modern kitchen desires such an appliance that allows saving space and energy.

Below are listed few such refrigerators, which fulfill the requirements of a perfect appliance for your kitchen.

Refrigerator with additional door

With this refrigerator, you do not need to worry about the space. Unlike normal refrigerators, it has two doors allowing more space to keep in the ingredients. Lower part of the refrigerator is store veggies. The upper part of the refrigerator has two doors allowing more space to keep the food items. The second door is designed with internal divider so that you do not have to open the main door repeatedly. Having additional door, you can keep bottles or drinks and use it a bottle holder.

Refrigerator cum coffee maker

Owning this refrigerator means, you are having a coffee and icemaker. It has built in hot water dispenser at the door. With LCD screen on the door, you can have a favorite cup of coffee anytime. The press of a button can get you your favorite cup of coffee. Moreover, you can also choose the size of your drink. Besides making coffee, you can also get ice cubes to enjoy the chilling glass of your favorite drink. Having this refrigerator, you are thus having benefits of three appliances in one.

Refrigerator with two-drawer freezer

This refrigerator can deep-freeze double the food. On opening the door of the freezer, you will see two drawers on top of other cabinets. More the drawers, more space for storing food. Looking at refrigerator you will feel like it is like any other refrigerator. As soon as you open the door of the refrigerator, you will find the difference. Even the doors of the refrigerator have enough space to store huge amount of food. Besides more space in the doors, two drawers can store twice the food when compared to other refrigerators.

Refrigerator with touch controls

Every kitchen needs appliances that save time and works efficiently. Refrigerator with touch controls saves a lot of time, as you just have to press the button to make it work. With control panel on the door, you can make choice of what form of water you want. This refrigerator offers you an additional option to drink different forms of water. With three options available on the screen at the door of the refrigerator, you can either get plain water, crushed or cubed. With this additional option on the door, you do not have to work hard on crushing ice while having drink.

Having multi functional appliances in the kitchen, you can utilize your time well. Replacing old ones with the new appliances, you can work better and save your time and money. With these multi functional refrigerators, you can save the cost, as a single appliance gives you the benefit of other. Making multi functional appliances part of your kitchen is thus a good idea that will make your kitchen and work efficiently.

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