These Stunning Living Room Redecoration Ideas Can Be Done in a Weekend

Excited to completely redesign your living room? That’s a tall order for one weekend. Instead, make small changes that can make a big difference. The following living room ideas can be tackled before Monday morning.

1. If most of your furnishings are neutral, your living room can stand to see a little colour. Pick a few bright and bold additions, like pillows and a throw blanket for your couch. You can also swap out your lampshades or curtains for a new look.

2. Need a brand new colour scheme for your living room? Pick one piece of art to focus on and build a colour scheme around that.

3. If you’re painting your living room and you want the space to feel bigger, you may automatically opt for white. Although this will give the room a clinical look and nobody wants to feel like they’re in the waiting room of a doctor’s office, use a light grey shade to keep things open without being too stark.

4. If you don’t have anything cosy on your couch, go shopping for a pretty throw blanket and a few comfy pillows. This can completely change the look of the furniture. Don’t be surprise if your visitors would think you got yourself a new sofa!

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5. Paint one wall of your living room and leave the rest of the walls neutral. This will change the entire look of the room without too much effort. If you need to tone down the wall a bit after it’s painting, add shelving in a neutral colour.

6. Rearrange your seating. Couches and chairs that are arranged in an “L” shape invite conversation and look more comfy than other furniture arrangements.

7. Get rid of heavy curtains. There’s no reason to block out light in your living room. Keeping your windows bare will let in more natural light. Or, if you like the look of curtains, opt for thin ones.

8. Before you head out to the store to buy a bunch of new items, look at what you already own. There may be great pieces stuffed away in drawers or cabinets. By moving pieces into your living room from another room, you can breathe new life into your items without spending a penny.

9. Replace the drawer and door handles in your living room. This will give it a new look without spending too much time or energy.

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