Things to consider in designing a banquette area


Banquette area has to be a spot in a home that is extremely comfortable and flexible. Whether placed in a kitchen, dining room or nestled in any other corner of a home, whether a built-in or a banquette set, all that is expected out of the entire setting is the comfort and coziness one gets to experience while dining in that area. You can design banquette spaces based on your desires and needs. Here are some points that you must keep in mind while designing a banquette dining in your home.

Table design

Table is an essential part of a banquette; therefore, it needs to be extremely comfortable. While choosing a table, take into consideration its legs and try to visualize the way diners will move in and out of their seats. The one with wide legs is not recommended, as it would interfere with the free movement of diners. A pedestal table is a perfect choice, as diners can easily move around without knocking knees around a table that has no legs around the edges.

Bench design

Generally, bench designs follow the natural curve of the corner they occupy like L-shaped, V-shaped, and U-shaped. However, if there is no corner, then you can place the seating flat against the wall. The bench should be extremely comfortable with cushions on them and should have enough height to match the table’s height. Standard height of a table is 30 inches, so your bench must be no less than 17 or 18 inches high.

Banquette Design

Adding banquette to a peninsula in place of a bar seating is preferable. Peninsulas without cooking appliances are better for banquette placing owing to safety reasons. This way guests can face the kitchen and have a word with the cook while sitting in a comfortable banquette rather than uncomfortable barstools.

Accessories and Options

If you design your banquette yourself, it gives you an option to add additional storage to the banquette area. This you can do by adding cupboard doors, drawers and shelves. You can make the bench with a storage capacity beneath and you can display your collection of cookery books on shelves on one side of the banquette.


Try and place your banquette in an area that has sufficient natural light, ventilation, and amazing view. The eating place should be like where you enjoy sitting and dining, obviously nobody likes to sit in a damp and dull place. Choose corners like bay windows, where you can have a fabulous banquette dining with lots of natural light, air and views.


To make your banquette dining the most comfortable and cozy space, aforementioned tips are of great help.

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