Time to make your basement into a fun zone and home gym


Keeping fit is easy once you show up at the gym. It is tough to fit in a fitness session in the morning; and at the end of the day, you are too tired to get into your gym clothes – your favorite men’s workout clothing – and workout with the required intensity. Ultimately, you skip going to the gym more often than not. So why not convert your basement into a gym and a play zone that will serve a dual purpose.

You can workout at your convenience and regularly, and have a play area for your kids and a fun center for you. Converting your basement into a play zone and home gym also allows you to keep an eye on your kids when you are working out. You do not have to worry about babysitters; just go to the basement and have a fun time with your family. Here is how you can convert your basement into a fun zone:

Preparing the basement

Before you convert the basement, you have to prepare the floor, walls and install lighting.

Assess the space required

The amount of space required for your home gym will depend on the equipment that you plan to use and your fitness goals. This would include if you want to go for cardio workouts or weight training or both. A treadmill takes more space than weight benches so you have distributed the space accordingly.  Taking the help of some ideas for home gym décors will give you a good head start on what you can do.

If you are considering a kids zone in the basement, you have to denote an area for that too.


Rubber flooring

Rubber flooring is a cheap option and effective, but it might have an odor you would not like. Having a carpet over the rubber flooring will add strength, softness and color to your floor. You might skip the rubber flooring altogether and have only a wall-wall carpet as a greener, environmental option.

Take care of air circulation

Gyms are notoriously sweaty and installing ceiling fans or exhaust fans will keep the air circulation going and basement smelling fresh and nice.

Install mirrors

 Install mirrors

To brighten up the space, you can install mirrors. This will help to reflect natural light during the day as well as help you to know if you are exercising properly. The mirrors will also let you know what your children are doing while you are working out, making it easier for you to keep an eye on them.

Install lots of light

Overhead lighting will motivate you while working out. Well-lit spaces are cheerful and welcoming. Your kids will like to spend time in their basement play area too, if it is bright and warm. Moreover, if you have natural light through basement windows, nothing like it!

Wall color scheme

wall colour

According to interior decorators, bold colors like orange, gold and neon’s, lend energy to the space. Colors are important; as the right colors can help, you focus. Proper use of color can boost your mood; before choosing any color, you can also study a bit of color therapy and color schemes for converting your basement into a play zone. Mellow colors such as soft greens and blues are soothing, which would suit your basement if you were more of a yoga person.

Basement conversion ideas

Entertainment center area

You can divide your basement space to be more than just a gym. You can have a media/ entertainment center corner, where you have your TV, Play station, surround sound and whatever is your fancy. You can have a cozy yet stylish couch, recliners and some shelves lined with M&Ms, Twizzlers, gummy bears, and your DVD collection and so on. Putting up yours/ your kids’ favorite movie poster would make your entertainment center space cool.

Amazing sports bar

In tandem with your media corner, you can have a sports bar too. Display your favorite team’s jerseys, memorabilia and so on. Get some bar stools, a refrigerator, a cabinet, barkeep sink and so on.

Game room

You can also use the basement to create a fantastic game room, with pool table, kids’ board game area, and vintage arcade games. You can have table tennis, foosball in the center of your basement to enable free player movement. Add funky lights, bright rugs and fun accents to make your game room amazing.

Kids zone in the basement

Kids zone

Have many shelves to store your kid’s toys, a comfortable rug and couch, and even a slide so that your kids can spend hours playing in their fun play space.

basement conversion ideas might inspire you to convert your basement into a fun zone where you and your family and friends can spend hours doing the things you love.

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