Tips and Ideas for Securing Your Apartment against Burglars

We often tend to overlook the security of our home and apartments. With almost each one of you working, leaving your home unattended and most of the times your old parents and grandparents as well, it becomes vital that you do something for securing your premises. You do not have to dig a moat around or install missiles and automated guns for keeping the villains away. It takes a lot less than that to keep your home safe from the bad guys. Here are a few steps that you can take to secure your apartment.

Secure your front door first

You might be surprised to know that it is your front door that attracts the attention of the burglar. If in case, your front door looks worn out and shabby, it is more likely that the bad people have already set their eyes on your apartment. So, make sure your front door looks good and strong and instead of one cylinder lock, it should contain a double lock like a cylinder and a deadlock.

Alarms are important for security

Oh yes, these are, very important indeed. Buy one from a reputable make, one that is hard to bypass and spot. Also, fit cameras on your front porch and in the various parts of the house like the hall, basement and rooms. These systems are designed to send you live updates and notifications about what is happening in the house. It will not only keep the burglars away but will also help for collecting evidence in the unfortunate happening of any mishap in your apartment.

Secure every window as well

We often neglect our windows, which can provide easy passage to the inside of your house. So make sure that your windows are properly secured with the locks that cannot be opened from outside. Also, the window pane should not be breakable. You must especially pay attention if you are living on the ground floor and on the first floor of the building.

Curtain the inside properly

Burglars like to keep an eye on the houses and decide which one they are going to target. So always, keep the front door of your apartment closed. Do not let the total stranger go into your house. Keep the curtains on the front door and windows and keep them closed. This is a must if you are living on the ground or first floor of the building. Remember one little care can secure you against the burglary.

Use the peephole for confirmation:

Apartment doors have the peephole for a reason. Always look from the peephole before opening the door. Never open the door completely for someone whom you don’t know. Keep the security bolt on and open the door slightly. In addition, never let any stranger go in if you are alone, not even an electrician or plumber, especially the ones whom you haven’t called for. Always ask the security to be there when they are visiting.

Be aware and take note

Always be aware of what is going around your apartment and building. If you see someone lurking around, inform the security, and the police. Take a note of who is coming and going and who is eyeing the empty flats. Your eagle eye and your awareness of the surrounding can save you from many problems and not the burglary alone.

It is your proactiveness and your awareness that can keep you and your apartment secure from the burglars. There are many highly secured locks and apparatuses available these days for taking care of the security of your apartment. Apart from your apartment with the locks and alarms and cams, you must also keep your eyes open and be careful of the environment around yourself. Have a safe and secured apartment and living.

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