Toast N’ Grill does what the name says!

Designed by Christopher Cate, the Toast N’ Grill is a smart idea that combines two kitchen appliances in one unit. It was designed as one of the many Gen-Y products in the “Trend Setters” kitchen appliance line for the Hamilton Beach Brand. After exploring he possible ways to combine a grill and a toaster into one appliance, Cate designed the Toast N’ Grill. Easy for travel and clean storage when not in use, the Toast N’ Grill features a stuff box in the pivot to exploit any negative space.

When the Toast N’ Grill is in uptight position, it works as a toaster. This toaster rotates on its side to make for the grilling surface. The power cords can be places inside the back compartment to avoid all the clutter. You can even design your own pattern and get it printed on a removable skin to add individuality to your Toast N’ Grill. The dry erase surface could be used to stick the reminders.

Cheers! Christopher Cate

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