Enjoy Sitting meets all your sitting needs

Sitting on a single posture for a longer period, while watching a movie or gathering with family and friends, often becomes tiresome which takes a toll on your body. Addressing the issue, designer Ryan Jongwoo Choi has designed a multifunction stool (rather seating) that featuring an innovative design can be used in different ways to ease the pressure on a particular part of the body.

Hailed as “Enjoy Sitting,” the utility furniture is designed to accommodate varied sitting positions of different users, so they could take a moment from their complex and tedious routine and feel pleasure without straining the body. Drawing inspiration from the asymmetrical figures of a pine tree, the trendy seat allows both the high and low sitting positions to let the user gather or spread legs to enjoy optimum comfort.

Integrating a prop to assemble or support the whole structure in a tidy manner, the functional chair looks more like a piece of art than furniture. Intended to satisfy the basic instinct of human behavior, the furniture unit can be used as a stool to work on your workstation or a lounge to lean comfortably. The Enjoy Sitting not only ensures natural body postures, but also touts a minimal, trendy design to go nicely along with modern spaces.

Source: Ryan-j




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