Top 10 Sofa Designs Without Pinching Your Pocket

Are you planning to design your living room within a budget? If yes, then start with the most important furniture in your living room, sofa. You can plan for budget friendly sofa designs to make your living room look more attractive and beautiful without pinching your pocket. Saving on your furniture in a living room can help you save money to decorate your other rooms in the house. You may think how to find the sofa designs within a budget. Well, this article will highlight various sofa designs that you can incorporate into your home without burning a hole in your pocket.

Here are a few sofa designs that are not expensiveand can make your living room look beautiful without pinching your pocket:

  1. Convertible sofa:

    This sofa can help you create multipurpose room in case of the unplanned visit of guests in the house. This sofa can recline flat, so you can arrange for beds to accommodate more guests. So, this is one of the sofa designs that are not expensiveand can help you create multipurpose room for your house. 

  1. Ian Sofa:This sofa has a wide and flat arm that helps to create a comfortable sitting arrangement during long chat sessions with your loved ones.It works as an armrest and you can keep your plate while you are having dinner with your guests in the living room. 
  1. Full House:

    This sofa is a great place to sit with your friends and family to enjoy a long chatting session. This couch has loose cushions that can be flipped if the kidshave stained them. You can take afternoon siesta on this sofa while watching your favorite movie. 
  1. Spruce Street Sofa:This sofa is a quite funky with a tailored slipcover and angular armrest. It comes in quirky colors and can coordinate well with the modern design houses. This is considered as one of the stylish sofa designs within a budget.
  1. Hyde Sofa:

    This is quite a regular sofa that you can find in most of the houses. You can use colorfulcushions along with an oriental rug togive a more stylish and elegant look to the sofa.
  1. Metal Leg Sofa: This is a retro style sofa with metal legs along geometrical patterns printed on the cover. 
  1. Sectional Sofa:

    This sofa is ideal if your living room has enough space to fit in this giant sofa. It has a sleek look with fitted cushions, low backrest, and contrast piping. 
  1. Bank Sofa:This sofa has a masculine look with low back. A long cushion helps to keep the backrest soft and can make it comfortable for sitting. 
  1. Raleigh Sofa:

    This sofa has a solid frame and the cushions provide firm support to the back. It has a quite traditional English style and gives a stylish look to your room. 
  1. Love Sofa:This sofa is a two seater that is perfect for a couple. You can enjoy your cozy time in the comfort of this sofa.

Well, you may have checked the designs to suit your budget plan for adorning your living room, but here are a few important tips when you plan tobuy a sofa for your new house.

Measure your living room: Before you plan to buy a sofa for your living room, you need to take the measurement of the room.It will help you understand the size of the furniture you need to buyso that the sofa does not occupy the entire room. As a matter of fact, it will help to fit the décor and budget you have planned.

Check the online store offering a pre-owned product: You can check eBay or Craiglist for stylish sofa designs within a budget. Pre-owned furniture can help you stay within the budget when you are decorating your new house. However, you need to inspect the pre-owned sofa in person before you plan to buy one.

Wait for the season’s sale:You can wait for the season’s sale to buy a sofa within your budget. There are brands offering season’s sale to sell out their old stock. You can wait for this sale and buy the sofa within your budget.

Therefore, these are the few effective tricks to invest on budget friendly sofa designs.It is important to save your hard-earned money, do your research on various designs that will help you buy a sofa without splurging much on it.

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