Trash to Treasure: Stylish lighting and furniture by Mindsdesigns

One of the best ways for the eco conscious homeowners to go green is by opting for stylish recycled furniture units. With trash becoming trendy these days, many designers are focusing more on the use of reclaimed materials to make functional and elegant objects for homes. Sam Winters of Mindsdesigns makes use of the discarded materials found in landfills, parking lots and construction sites to create beautiful lighting and furniture pieces. While selecting the useable items, Sam Winters pays close attention to the color and texture, age and shape.

All the materials are used in their original form in order to keep intact signs of their age intact. His artistic collection includes lamps made from reclaimed light fixtures and chairs and tables made from discarded ends of steel tubing and reclaimed scraps of steel. The line also includes a Solar Table, but there is no info on the site if it works for real.

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