Turn Your Entryway Into a Mudroom

Turn Your Entryway Into a Mudroom

If you live in Boerne, TX, you know it can rain pretty much any day of the year. Due to the healthy amount of rainfall, the entryway to your home can become a wet or muddy mess. Whether it’s your spouse coming home from work in muddy boots or your kids coming in the house with soggy shoes, your entryway can soon become a mess. Why not turn the space into something more practical? Consider transforming your entryway into a mudroom. Here are some tips for getting it just right.

Install Appropriate Flooring

Install Appropriate FlooringWhen it comes to flooring, you don’t want carpet in your mudroom. Wet carpet can be a pain to clean, and it can easily accumulate mold. A better option for your mudroom flooring is linoleum or tile. These types of flooring are very water resistant and can be cleaned up in a snap. As a first step to creating your mudroom, find a professional that can help you with linoleum or tile installation Boerne.

Add a Coat Rack

A coat rack is another necessary addition to your mudroom. When you come in from the rain, you need a place to hang your coat so the water can drip and drain off. Make sure there are sufficient coat hooks for your entire family plus visitors. One important component of your coat rack is to make sure it has a safe place to drain. Installing your coat rack above furniture or fabric is a good way to cause extra damage to your belongings.

Build a Bench

Build a BenchWhen you’re building a mudroom, one of its main purposes is to give you a place to take off your wet footwear. So, a bench is an essential element of your new room. Make sure the bench is the right height for your entire family. If you have very small children, consider building and installing two separate benches; one for adults and one for the little ones.

Include Storage Space for Shoes

One last piece of equipment you’ll need in your mudroom is storage. Once you’ve taken off your wet or muddy footwear, where do you put them? A good option for storage is to build something into your bench. The area under your benches seat is the perfect place for storing your muddy boots or wet shoes.

When you deal with lots of rainfall, it’s a good idea to make your home work better with wet gear. Transform your entryway into a mudroom and enjoy the new convenience in your house.

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