Turning a Fish Tank into a Home Feature

It’s been proven that the presence of a well-maintained and stocked fish tank has a soothing effect on people nearby. This should be self-evident from the number of doctor’s offices that have fish tanks in the waiting room. But fish tanks aren’t just for doctor’s offices and aquariums. Some of the most beautiful home features in the world have included fish tanks filled with brightly coloured fish and spectacular scenery.

Aesthetic Placement

Any home focal point should be possessed of one overriding quality – that the eye is immediately drawn to it in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Your fish tank should not overpower the room it is in, nor should it be hidden away in a shadowy recess.

Fish tanks can be deceptively large, as anything larger than a bowl will usually require the use of filters and lights, which run from electrical sources. You should also think about what else you will need to include in your tank, such as external filters. To learn more about these filters, visit All Pond Solutions to look at some examples. The size and location of your fish tank must therefore be planned carefully to make the most of your home’s space and light, and to be as convenient as possible for you and your family.

fishtank wall

Arranging Your Fish Tank

Once you’ve settled on the best place for your fish tank you should decide what elements you wish the tank to contain. Some people decide to decorate their tanks with mostly organic matter, such as rocks, plants and pebbles. Others decide to include decorative items such as miniature sunken pirate ships or even colourful replicas of their favourite pop culture items. Whatever you decide upon should fit in with the rest of your home’s aesthetic, otherwise, it may jar with your décor and look very unsightly.

Stocking Your Fish Tank

When arranging the interior of your fish tank, you should certainly keep in mind what kinds of fish you want to include. Some fish can’t survive without a reasonable amount of plant life to keep them company, whereas others can go on quite happily with only a few rocks scattered here and there. Some fish are very brightly coloured, whereas others are more sedate. But remember, some of the less ‘interesting’ coloured fish perform very important functions, such as eating algae and generally keeping your tank clean. It’s always worth investing in a few of these fish types, to cut down on the amount of effort it will take you to keep your fish tank looking fresh.


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