TV Barrow combines TV and a bike wheel to make for a portable stand

A couple of days back, we introduced you to the TV Bike by Team Tentakulus and now, we have yet another interesting product designed on the same lines. Designed by Che-Wei Wang and Taylor Levy, the TV Barrow combines a flatscreen TV and a bicycle wheel in one unit to create a portable TV stand. Whether you wish to watch your favorite flick in the comfort of your bedroom or wish to enjoys some football channel in living room with your friends, the TV Barrow wheelbarrow-ish stand is always at your service.

The Wheel Barrow features a 700c road bike wheel that’s joined to a bicycle fork with a machined frame of aluminum tubes. The legs of the portable Wheel Barrow stand are collapsible and the user can adjust the tilt of the screen. The TV Barrow is built to order.

Via: MocoLoco

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