Understanding carpet labels and choosing the perfect one


Before you go out to shop for carpets, you should be aware as to what are you exactly looking for, so that so can purchase accordingly. Buy a carpet that has a good density (closeness of the fiber strands) and high twist level (number of times the fiber strand is twisted). Most of the information can be gained from carpet labels, you just have to know where to look.

  • Look for the rating of the carpet corresponding to some of the durability tests like PAR (Performance Appearance rating). A high rating indicates that the carpet is durable and will last for a longer period.
  • Choose the fiber type very carefully. Some of the popular fibers are Nylon, Polyester, Olefin, Wool and Acrylic. Go for the material that suits your requirements.
  • Make sure you buy the carpet that has a good soil and stain resistance. Many carpets are safeguarded by the Teflon and Scotchguard technology, which makes the carpet resistant, as you never know what might drop on it and ruin it.
  • The person who wants a nice and a trendy carpet for his or her room should be aware of all the harmful chemicals that are emitted from the carpet. Buy the one that has a “Green Label” on it which is a standard by CRI.
  • It is believed that no matter what, a carpet might cause some health related problems thus it is advisable to ask the retailer to keep the carpet outside in fresh air for few days before installing it and also once it is installed, keep the room well-ventilated for some days.
  • Go for a carpet with higher R-value as it will provide a good level of insulation and you will save a lot of money. Some carpets come with R-value mentioned and it is the thermal resistance of the carpet.
  • While buying a carpet, one should look for the type of carpet construction. The available ones are tufting, frieze, saxony, plush and loop, plush being the most formal one.
  • Check with the retailer about the labels present on the carpet as it might provide some additional useful information.

Now that you are aware about carpet labels and what they mean, so you can put this valuable information to use. Knowledge will help you get the perfect carpet for the house. Make your home look stylish and modern by placing carpets here and there.


Carpets are quite popular and they add to the grandeur of the room and make it look classy. Understanding the carpet labels can be a great advantage, and be helpful when you go out to choose one for your home.

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