Uplift your siding with these new trends


We all know how important siding are for any house whether it is interior or exterior the right kind of siding plays a vital role. One of the good things about exterior siding is that you have a variety of materials to choose from which makes it even more easier to improve the design of your exteriors. The siding becomes the focal point for any house and it is totally up to you how and what you choose to  make your house look very stylish, beautiful and unique. 

A few points choosing your siding

While choosing the siding for your exteriors as much as it is important to choose the right color, it is also essential that you pay attention to the style and materials that you plan to use for your exterior siding. This will help in protecting your house from various weather conditions and make your house secure. Here are a few ideas of the different types of exterior siding that are there in the market today.

Vinyl siding

Vinyl siding is one trend that never gets off the charts. This type of siding is a classic and traditional choice that most people go with because it is safe, affordable and you can design it easily. Another good reason of choosing this kind of siding is that you can paint it anytime you want and make changes to how it looks without investing too much. It is also easy to replace in case it is damaged due to constant use.

Cement fiber siding

Go Green Trends are in and the same is applicable with sidings. There are cement fiber sidings that are manufactured out of recycled material, which makes them eco friendly. They are also budget-friendly and do not require too much of investment although they can be little expensive compared to the wooden ones. These sidings also come with a warranty and can be replaced within a time limit. The best part is that, unlike wooden sidings, you do not have to worry about the maintenance.

Siding made from steel or aluminum

If you are looking for a sliding that is easy to install, cheap, low maintenance and beautiful to look at, this kind of siding is the right choice for you. This is not just traditional to look at but can be molded easily to suit any kind of structure without having too much of problems during installation. The powder-coated services offered for sidings ensure the durability of the color and give you the flexibility to make changes whenever you want.

Stucco siding

The material of this type of sliding is made from water, lime, cement, and sand. The versatility of the material of such siding make it look rich. Considering how delicate these kinds of sliding are, you need to make sure that during the installation process the relevant care is taken while handling. Along with that, there are also other materials that can be used to prevent it from cracking. The best part with this kind of siding is that they have a good life span and they do not require too much of maintenance. They also act as a great insulator apart from being durable and having a good resistance to insect and fire.

Brick veneer

Brick sidings are an eco friendly option, they are durable and do not require much maintenance. They will give your house a very traditional and classic look and they do not require a lot of cleaning. Another good part about this type of siding is that you can leave it to its natural look ,or paint it the way you want, it always look classy. You also have the ability mix and match your designs by using the relevant colored bricks.

Stone siding

A little different from the brick siding, the stone siding is another classic and traditional finish that always tops the chart. It gives your house additional security and durability and has a long life span. The good thing about this particular one is that you can blend it with any kind of theme and it will still have its individuality and beauty. If you plan to have a natural look to your house then there is nothing better than choosing the stone siding.

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