Using salvaged wood to create awesome furniture items for your home

 Viking Dining Table

Repurposed wood can bring a magnificent change in the overall appearance of your house. There are several ways to utilize the wood, which earlier served another purpose.

Coffee Table

A gorgeous coffee table can be crafted out of wooden pallets. You can paint it or stain it, as per your choice. Adding caster wheels will allow you to move the coffee table with ease. The coffee table hence created may placed in the living room, in the garden or the patio.

Mantle for Fireplace

A reclaimed wooden log can be converted into a mantle piece for your fireplace. The traditional brick structure will be a perfect match with the salvaged wood. The old look of the wood will not require you to paint or stain it. The classic appeal will take you into a bygone era and mesmerize your senses.

Log stool

Just like the logwood used by the butcher, a cylindrical piece may be used as a stool. With variation of course, the butcher log is crude in shape and form. The old wooden log needs to be neatly crafted into a standard size stool. This piece will require staining, if painted the grains of the wood will be hidden. The stool made in this manner can be placed in the garden or your living room. It will look extremely well with the reclaimed wood coffee table, two of these would be perfect.

Viking Dining Table

Very simple to create and has an amazing appeal. A wooden slab or a log broad and long enough to be a dining table top, needs to be sliced through. Keeping the plain surface on the top, a metal frame is attached to the base. A Viking style dining table is ready for use.


It is hard to believe that a beautiful flooring can be created from reclaimed wood that too beech. Wooden planks recovered from beech shipping crates can do wonders. With some professional assistance, the wood can transform the look of your bedroom, living room or both.


A wooden staircase can be easily created with the reclaimed wood. This will not only add style to your home but also put the timber to a good use. An existing staircase can be cladded with the planks of salvaged wood.

Partition for a Room

Converting the salvaged wood as a partition for a room is another great idea. A study or a seating can be created in a room, using the reclaimed wood as a divider. The wood with fine grains would be a decent backdrop for the room. To match with the décor staining it in accordance will do the trick.

A Coat Rack

A two inch thick plank of reclaimed wood, approximately 24-26” long and 6-8” broad will be needed. Attach iron hooks with the appropriate spacing in between to form the coat rack. Utilizing an old wooden fence will be a little more fancy. Fix the cast iron hooks to the fence cut in the same dimensions as mentioned earlier and your coat rack is ready.


Reclaimed thick planks of lumber can be transformed into useful shelves for any room. These shelves may be used in the kitchen to keep jars or in the living room to place decorative objects. Stained or painted these shelves can be fixed using wooden, stainless steel or brass brackets.

The natural wood has its own charm and warmth that intensifies the splendor of the area it is utilized in. Using salvaged wood is as good as utilizing new one or in some cases, the appearance gets better than the new wood. It’s absolutely worth trying out these ideas to re-create style at your home.

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