Waking Up Naturally With Window Treatments

Over the years we’ve seen some truly weird and wonderful inventions when it comes to alarms. We’ve seen the traditional devices which just play out an offensive sound, right the way to the ones which aim to wake us up naturally by showing lights and playing gradual melodies.
There could be an even more effective solution – and it doesn’t have to sit on your bedside table. More and more people are turning to window treatments in a bid to wake themselves up in the morning, with some of these products being able to improve the quality of your sleep significantly.

Of course, this is by no means a new phenomenon. For years and years we have all turned to blackout blinds, particularly new-parents who are desperate to give their little ones a pitch black room to encourage those longer sleeping periods. The same occurs with adults and as complete darkness correlates with an improvement in sleep quality, this is the first recommendation if you are looking to get the most out of your window blinds from a sleeping perspective.

However, there is more. Some people aren’t necessarily as bothered about that complete blackout, and want a more versatile solution that is perhaps more appropriate during the day as well. It’s in these cases that Venetian blinds are usually turned to, with these being formed of traditional slats which can be manipulated to allow varying amounts of light into the room. If you are desperate for nature to wake you, setting these to an appropriate angle in the morning is a sure-fire to wake up steadily. The experts may suggest that your sleep quality won’t be quite as good due to the early breaks of natural light, but if waking up bright and early is your plan this could be a solution.

Through the motorized blind, it might be possible to become even more inventive. One of the biggest problems with Venetian blinds is that they allow too much light into the room during the course of the night and while this might not directly awaken you, it will hinder your sleep’s quality and affect you the next day.

The motorized blind can quash the above issues, with the programmable timer being set at a certain part of the morning to ensure that the blind slats are only tilted at that period. As you can also control exactly how much the slats are tiled, it means you can manipulate the light to your heart’s content and have darkness in the night, but natural light waking you up in the morning.

Already, it’s becoming clear to see just how flexible this industry has become. Your only option several years ago might have been the blackout blind, but technology is allowing us to become much more creative with our window treatments to both improve the quality of our sleep, and make the waking up process that little bit more easier. Of course, nothing will ever beat that early bedtime, but on those occasions where it’s not possible these tips might help you no-end.


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