Choosing the Best Vessel Sink For Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are important. While the concept is very utilitarian, their function requires a lot of features that are more than simply practical. Bathroom comfort and style are elements that add a lot of value to your home. In fact, bathrooms are frequently the selling point, when showing your home to prospective renters and buyers. In reality, you can’t hope to get top dollar on your next resell without making your bathroom a prirority. That means careful attention and investment in each fixture.


For this reason, vessel sinks may be a great option for you and your bathroom. Vessels are those distinctive bowls sitting atop an unbroken vanity countertop surface. They speak of style and sophistication, not to mention expensive taste. They are also very easy to use and clean, making them practical as well as opulent. If you are hoping to enjoy a bathroom for years, or impress folks at your next open house, vessel sinks may be the way to go. If you are unfamiliar with the design, there are many elements to choose from to make your next vessel sinks the best option they can be.


1)    Material. While vessel sinks are frequently seen in glass, they are not limited to this choice of material. Look for gorgeous vessels in porcelain, copper, wood, plastics, and other exotic materials. Choosing a material like this (and, seriously, you’ll find craftsmen around the world using wild choices) will add a look of dramatic purpose to your bathroom. Vessels like this can become the single most memorable element in your home. Even a simple glass model can serve this way.

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2)     Size and Shape. Vessel sinks are most commonly seen in the shape of an oval, like a contact lens squeezed a bit on both sides. This is an elegant design, and very easy to clean, but you are not limited to this. Some vessels are available in square and rectangular shapes. You are also able to find models that are elevated at most points, like bowls, or rest on the surface of your counter or vanity, like a box. You’ll typically see more square and rectangular models in the latter style, and it’s a bold and dramatic look indeed.


3)    Durability and Ease of Cleaning. All vessel sinks will be made with high quality materials, but this doesn’t mean that they are fit for every bathroom. Vessel sinks are a style built with adults in mind. Exposed edges can be chipped or even broken if the user isn’t careful, and the edges where their bases contact the counter surface will need slightly meticulous cleaning if there are spills or other messes. Therefore, vessel sinks are usually best for a master suite bathroom. Not only is this a room typically inhabited by adults, it is also the crowning point of the house, the vessel sinks acting like icing on the cake.


Vessel sinks are a beautiful and stately addition to your bathroom. Though they are the priciest sink option around, they will add a lot of value to your bathroom and, thereby, your home. Put them in the right bathroom, and they’ll make your home nicer and more valuable.

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