Web Wine Rack made with metal gears and NASA developed dichroic glass

A true wine connoisseur knows the significance of proper wine storage. If you are looking for an artistic way to store and display your wine, check out the beautiful Web Wine Rack from Las Vegas studio Fluid Art Works. Created by glass artist Kathy Chetelat and Rory Chetelat, the Web Wine Rack has been made using metal gears found in the junkyards. The duo has lately exhibited the unique piece at Marin Art Festival, which took place at the Marin Civic Center Fairgrounds in San Rafael.

To create the Web Wine Racks, Kathy Chetelat uses dichroic glass, which NASA has developed to be used as a coating for faceplates used by astronauts. It helps protect them from the unsafe rays. The couple breaks this glass and fuses it at 1,500 degrees in a kiln.

Each Web Wine Rack can accommodate 3-5 bottles of wine and sells for between $895 and $1,150. From sculptural pieces to stunning jewelry, every creation by Fluid Art Works is handmade.



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