Fan that keeps your bed cool in scorching summers

With summers heating up, sleepless nights have become a common phenomenon that haunts people all around the world.  Presenting an effective and efficient cooling process, the Bed Fan is a creative device that keeps your bed cool throughout the night and doesn’t consumes much energy.

Controlled wirelessly with a remote powered by 2 AA batteries, the bed fan sandwiches between the top and bottom lair of your bed to keep your body cool and dry, ensuring a sound sleep. You can place the wireless remote on the nightstand for easy adjusting. As soon as the user touches the remote, it emits light to change the settings at night without disturbing your partner sleeping alongside.

Resting at the bottom or side of the bed, the compact fan exhales fresh air in between the sheets to keep your bed cool without the need of removing the top sheet. If you are sharing the bed with your partner, you can place the fan in the middle; else keep it to your side. You can increase or decrease the intensity of the fan simply by twisting the top of the wireless remote.

Capable of throwing 680 feet of air per minute to blow the body heat away with powerful dual fans, the bed fan offers an energy efficient solution to keep your bed cool. Priced at $100, the bed fan is just ideal for people looking to cut down on soaring cooling costs.

Via: Ohgizmo/ Gizmodo

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