Willeke Evenhuis’ Tally side table made from industrial junk

Trash is becoming trendy nowadays and the shelves are flooded with a range of home furnishings made from recycled materials. The Tally by Willeke Evenhuis is an inviting side table made from discarded industrial components. The Tally’s tabletop features large slices of aluminum extrusions that have been welded together to form a frame, which holds smaller and thinner pieces with translucent resin layers. The surface of the tabletop is sanded and polished to bestow the Tally with a highly aesthetic appearance.

On the other hand, they haven’t lacquered the surface in order to keep intact the tactile differences between the materials used. Therefore, you can polish the aluminum anytime to bring back the sheen. Since the design of the tabletop depends on the materials found, no two Tally tables look alike. Available at Within4Walls, the Tally side table can be ordered in custom sizes and the preferred choice of resin colors.

Pricing for the amazing Tally table starts at £2,846.

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