X-Wing coffee table for die-hard Star Wars fans

X-Wing coffee table

Are you a Star Wars fan and looking for a cool conversation piece for your living room? Check out this hand carved, sturdy X-Wing coffee table, which took its creators, Sean Regan and Aubrey Cohen, six months to make. The top and bottom half of the Stars Wars: X-Wing themed coffee table sandwich the glass and come bolted together to keep it in place in case of bumps. With attention paid to every single detail during the making, this coffee table looks very much like the original X-Wing.

The X-Wing coffee table was created at the rate of $14 an hour, which sticks a hefty price tag of $60,500 on this table. That seems a hell lot, but if you are a die-hard Stars Wars fan, you might love to consider it.

Via: Ubergizmo/Gizmodo

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