5 Tips for Removing Negative Energy From Your Home




Words are flowing expressions of energy. Every statement we make brings with it power and purpose, curating the foundation of our experiences. Negative talk creates frequencies that require cleansing. Even though you can’t see words to clean them up, their residue is just as real. With some basic space-clearing processes, you encourage weightless energy to collect in your home, enhancing its energetic orderliness while maintaining your happiness.


  1. Open your windows. When you consider how wonderful it is to be surrounded by nature, it makes sense to bring that positive feeling side. The life force in the air fills you with hope. When you open windows, you invite the outside air into your home to enjoy a deep cleansing breath of fresh air, exhaling negativity out the window.
  2. Burn incense. Keep incense sticks within reach for use after any lingering unpleasantness or after an argument. Incense, including white sage and sandalwood, restores balance in our surroundings.
  3. Sweep. A vacuum cleaner can remove dust, dirt and forms of low-key energy. However, the gesture of sweeping with a broom is what generates the tangible energetic shift. You should vacuum as a maintenance ritual, and sweep when energy becomes stagnant. Sweeping toward an open window or door is symbolic of sweeping out the bad energy.
  4. Enjoy a sea salt bath. When left unattended, toxic words ultimately seep into your psyche. They accumulate, and we observe the consequences weeks later in sudden outbursts or clinging negative mood swings. A 20-minute salt bath will renew your individual energetic fields quickly. The recipe is uncomplicated. Just add two to four cups of sea salt and a couple of drops of your preferred essential oil to a warm bath, and soak away the negative energy.
  5. Use beautiful words. Habits can be difficult to change without conscious effort. Set a goal to use the same positive energy-related word 50 times a day. Beautiful words create a gravitational strength, inviting their affinity into our lives. Words definitely shape our childlike trajectories, and each one makes making an energetic deposit in our bank of surroundings. Note the words that are expressed in your living area and how they make you feel. Include a few of these methods into your everyday routine, and affirm the one that accomplish wellness for you. When we acknowledge their power, words kindle our capacity to live a surprisingly good life.


You cannot see energy, but you can feel it. It is very important that you keep your home clean and orderly. That includes words, dust and dirt.


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