Pitfalls to avoid when decorating your home

The world of interior decoration is huge and overwhelming. People do everything with a good intention and a positive mind but somehow some of the interior designing steps turn out to be interior designing disasters. Here are some of the most common decoration mistakes you must avoid:

Furniture too big for the space

Marble furniture

This is the most common and very annoying mistake people make while decorating their home. Purchasing grand furniture pieces that make their room appear so small and claustrophobic. You should always remember, no matter how cool and elegant furniture is, it would never look good in your room if it is too big as per your room’s size.

Photos photos everywhere

hang your kids’ photos is the staircase wall

You love framing your and your family’s photographs and hanging them on the walls, placing on consoles, side tables, and every corner you find. You do this without realizing how messy those photograph frames appears and make the entire décor untidy. We understand it is hard to choose a few photographs from such a massive collection but you have to. Go for a nice gallery wall, or place a few photo frames on a table.

A matching boring décor

basement décor (5)

Filling home with matching sets brings no good, rather turns an interior décor boring. You need not live in a room that is not at all exciting but feels so dead. You must put contrasting features together to add live to an interior décor. Go for the use of different textures, colors, fabrics, and materials that make it interesting.

Avoid too many colors and contrast

lovely interior design (4)

We mentioned in the pointer above that using contrasting color and textures make an interior décor interesting but overdoing it makes a space visually disoriented. To avoid this interior decoration blunder, you need to limit your color and texture choice. You can manage to create exciting and dramatic effect using different shades of the same color, and so on.

Ignoring an entryway

create an entryway  (5)

Sometimes people tend to ignore the foyer because they are too busy decorating the other parts of their house. Such people are the ones who are ignorant of the opportunities a foyer offers to make their house even more appealing and interesting. You must put in all efforts to decorate an entryway well because it reflects the quality of interior décor of the rest of your home.

No focal point in a room

elegant home décor  (3)

Focal points in rooms certainly are beautiful but they have a very important purpose to serve as well. They offer as a place where the eye rests, even if the rest of the room is simple; a focal point tends to add the desired drama to a room. If you have a big room, you can easily add two or more focal points, and at least a single in a small room.


basement décor (2)

A room has everything perfect and modern lacks proper lighting. Do you think the room will look good? No, it will not. No matter how much you decorate a room with fancy, modern or expensive furniture and accessories, it will not look good if proper lighting is not there. On the other hand, even if you keep the room décor simple, proper lighting will enhance it by brightening the space.

Wall art placed too high

Wall Art 1

It is hard to understand why some people hang wall art too high. Probably they do not know the rule that wall art should be hung at eye level and some smaller pieces must be hung a little lower than the bigger ones. Moreover, when you hang a wall art on the wall behind a sofa set, it should be only 8 inches above to top of the sofa back.

You must avoid home decoration blunders in any way, or else they will take away all the charm and beauty of your home décor.

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