5 unusual bed designs


Decorating the house is of the hardest things to do as there are so many things that need your attention. Even if you miss a single detail then there are chances that the whole look might be ruined. If you browse the market then you will find that there are a million choices available these days for everything. If for instance you are looking for beds for your bedroom then you will find so many options that for some time you will be held up in a dilemma. The same is true for every interior decorative item or a necessity for that matter. The bed designs that you get to see in the market keep changing with time and new ones keep entering the market. Some of these bed deigns are unusual in nature as they are not something you would think of as a bed design in normal circumstances.

Unusual designs for beds

  • Book bed: a book bed as the name suggests in shaped like a huge book. It surely looks cool and the unusual element is present in heaps. The book bed can be folded and when you want to sleep then simply open the book and travel into a new dream every time. The comfort level of this bed is high so you do not have to worry about that.


  • Hamburger bed: yes, you read it right. This bed truly looks a like a big hamburger and no details have been spared as that would have hampered the look. This is a comfortable round bed which will always make you hungry only by looking at it!


  • Bird nest bed: this bed is shaped like a bird nest which is awesome in its looks and instead of eggs you will find comfortable pillows in it. You can find the desired comfort in here and it will definitely stand out in your home.


  • Cardboard bed: it sounds unusual and it looks unusual as well. This particular bed is made from a 7 mm thick cardboard which is folded just like and accordion.


  • Giant brush bed: there is no height of unusualness and the same is proved by this bed which is shaped like a huge tooth brush. You actually sleep in its large bristles.

These were some cool and very unusual designs for beds that you can choose for your bedrooms. Usual is chosen by everyone so be different and get yourself an unusual bed.

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