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Luxury is in every sense of the term, truly universal today. In the modern age, where people are being abler to afford more and more of some of the costliest commodities today, a house is a certain commodity, where people are willing to splurge practically any amount of money in order to get the best of the best. Thus, it is that with more and more of the luxury quotient increasing as time goes by, even the most diminutive article of daily living has been heightened to a level of extravagance. When we talk about miniscule in terms of living, there are very few articles that are more insignificant than the faucet in your bathroom. However, with the advent of the modern era of design, even the humble faucet has been designed and redesigned to give it a touch of the divine. Thus, today is an age where you can get a car at the price of certain faucets.


  • One of the costliest faucets in the world today is the Oz Diamond Edition Faucet. Designed by architect Nilo Gioacchini and crafted by master goldsmith Alberto Cotogno, it is crafted out of 24 carat gold and encrusted with 282 diamonds. Talk about washing your hands in gold!!
  • Another of the most luxurious faucets in the worlds is the Kohler Karbon Articulating Kitchen Faucet. It is made out of carbon fibre, in order to give it that much needed strength and also that lack of weight. Apart from that, it is completely hands free, and has a shining and elegant surface, when you do touch it.


  • The Swarovski studded X-Sense faucets are some of the most elegant and graceful tap heads that you will find in the market as of today. It is completely carved out of gold and along with that the studded diamonds are the perfect complement to the golden look and feel of the entire structure.
  • The Glamour range by Fir Italia is one of the most covetable collections in faucets, anywhere in the world. Carved out of precious metals such as gold, nickel, silver, antique gold and so on, and studded with crystals and diamonds to enhance both the look and the feel, it is one which is perfectly capable of rendering a lasting impression.


  • The Swan Faucet with its elegantly shaped structure and also its proportions of shape and dimensions gives it a look that is completely in one word, just awe-striking.

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