6 backyard plants that are also mosquito repellents


The onset of the warm weather calls for us to bring out the frilly dresses, the often neglected tanning beds and our favorite pair of sunglasses. And mosquito repellent. Even though our beach days are on the horizon, a tube of sunscreen is now mostly accompanied with a tube of mosquito repellent.

Mosquitoes are no joke

Mosquito repellent qualities

These bugs are not just nightmares with their incessant buzzing when we trying to sleep, they are also the carriers of gigantic health risks with wings. Zika, West Nile, Cholera et al, to name a few.

Now we use tons and tons of body oils, body washes and other fragrances to make our lives better through the sense of smell. But what attract these exquisite creatures to us are some particular aromas that only humans exude. That and our breath and the smell of our sweat. And they are attracted to warm bodies which make humans a ripe target for these tiny terrorists.

Even though there are numerous artificial solutions to keep them at bay, the chemicals in these products are incredibly harmful to you and your family. And to the environment because they are mostly aerosolized. Backyard plants especially those numerous shade plant are the best eco-friendly alternative out there.

Here is a list of six backyard plants that are the best mosquito repellent:

  1. Mosquito repellent qualities and numerous health benefits of Basil –
    Believe it or not, your favourite herb and garnish for numerous dishes can also double up as a mosquito repellent. A good chef will always have this shade plant in their kitchen garden along with other backyard plants. Not just to keep the produce fresh but also to ward off any mosquitoes.
  2. The best shade plant that your pets also love – Catnip – Judging by the name of the plant, you might have guessed its most popular use. Most cat lovers will know this pungent smelling plant quite well and so will their cats, who love to roll around this plant and rub themselves silly against it. But did you know it has an eco-friendly alternative use as well? To ward off mosquitoes.
  3. A Garlic a day keeps the mosquitoes away –
    A Garlic a day keeps the mosquitoes away
    Garlic not only helps ward off vampires but also keeps these tiny, blood-sucking terrorists, at an arm’s length. Even science has proven that. But don’t ask why. Nobody seems to know why. Squeezing the juice out of the plant and applying it across your skin will act as a deterrent for the winged beasts, though it will do that for people also.
  4. The best eco-friendly alternative – Citronella – Even if you don’t recognize the name, chances are that when you get a whiff of this shade plant, you will immediately recognize it. It is one of the main ingredients in candles, both scented ones and otherwise. The strong odor of this plant acts like a mosquito repellent because its strong scent masks the smell of carbon dioxide, which means no mosquitoes ever hover near this plant.
  5. One of the few backyard plants everyone wants – Lavender –
    Not only is this scent that drives you crazy every time, it also helps one relax after a truly hectic day and even manages to keep the mosquitoes at bay. Besides providing its fragrance in numerous beauty products, this plant also makes for an excellent ingredient in tea and still manages to keep flying pests at an arm’s distance.
  6. The healthy eco-friendly alternative to a chemical mosquito repellent – Lemongrass – What we find incredibly attractive, the sweet scent of Lemongrass, is detested by insects, especially mosquitoes. Ironic, right? Though pregnant women should stay away from this plant because scientists have found this plant to adversely affect the health of the unborn child. This shade plant is generally potted in and around the house as an effective medium for easy pest control. Also, in case of adverse insect bites, crushing the leaves of this plant and rubbing the skin is the best idea.

Final Words

Even though these backyard plants act as effective mosquito repellent mediums, another thing that has to be kept in mind is that stagnant water should not be allowed to accumulate near the house.

In case these options are not available, you can always opt for Lemon Balm, the Pennyroyal, Sage or Rosemary. Now even though most of these sounds like a nice shade plant to have in your garden, they actually act as more than just herbs and can be effectively used as mosquito repellent.

These plants will act as an eco-friendly alternative to all the chemicals and will also help keep the house mostly fragrant, it is time to bust out that barbecue in the backyard and invite all your friends over. All the plants around the house will only heighten the ambiance of the place.

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