8 ways to revamp your home interior


Home is where the heart is, is what they say. In that case, one needs to be extremely particular, as to where they keep their heart. Home is the place where you will go to at the end of the day, no matter where you have spent the rest of the day. Obviously, even the most infinitesimal person will want to come home to a place that literally seems welcoming, that will be a sight for sore eyes. Therefore, get out your notepads and take down the best methods to completely revamp your house.


All those flaking bits of paint that seem to scatter all about the house, and all the bald spots that have appeared over the years has got to go. Give your house a fresh coat of paint to make it look as good as new. With all the innovative designs and patterns that have appeared, you can try out them, such as painting in alternate patterns, or giving a texture to your wall, try out anything under the sun.

You may not think this as a feasible solution, but shifting the furniture actually does work wonders to alter the look and feel of your house. If you do not want it Feng Shui style, could at least try out your own style. Go on and try out any pattern or no pattern at all for that.


However, even more practical would be, instead of rearranging the furniture around, to just get rid of a few of them, if you have one too many. Empty spaces are the new trend, they are the new fad, and why not?? A cluttered space is not at all a welcome sight, instead if you have a lot of empty space about your home, or apartment whichever, it is always a lot easier to breathe within a de-cluttered area.

Apart from that, you could always accessorise your house, with objects such as a bowl on the sitting room table, or just an abstract design showpiece.

Pictures and photographs are a great way to retain memories as well as livening up a rather dim wall. Make your own memory corner on your wall.


Ripen the look of your house with new lighting schemes. A chiaroscuro effect with light and shadow effects is really soothing to the senses.

Moreover, you could always add some plants around the house. This provides you with a rich aesthetic feel that spreads around the entire house.

A last thing that could be advised is to break down the walls between the rooms, keeping only the essential ones. This will increase the element of unity in your house and also at the same time, give you lots of space to play around with.

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