Bespoke Furniture: what’s all the fuss?


For an awfully long time, furniture was handmade and even though you could get matching sets, every item was still one of a kind. Machines came alongnow people are able to furnish their homes for less, but now homeowners increasingly want furniture that is made to order – but what is fuelling this shift from benchmark to more bespoke?

Why customise your furniture

High-end bespoke furniture is expensive and usually you would hire an independent furniture designer or cabinet maker to bring about your vision. Opting for bespoke furniture does bring a wealth of benefits. The first of these is that you can create a piece of furniture that you love whatever your style and hand down to your offspring. Whether you prefer traditional designs or want to style a room in a contemporary fashion, with furniture that is made to order your wish is a furniture maker’s command!


Secondly, since you get a say in every stage of the design process, you have more control over the style, materials and the smaller features that add to the overall character of the piece. Complete control means that furniture is designed with your personal tastes in mind, which is a great way to stamp your personality on a room and make a home truly your own.


Choose custom made sofas

There is a difference between high-end bespoke and customisation – with customisation you can benefit from the lower costsof quality furniture made by large manufacturers, but still have them tailored to your tastes – giving you more control without the costly ‘B’ in bespoke.

If the living room is the heart of the home, then sofas and chairs are the beating heart of where it all happens. A sofa is one of the biggest furnishings in the living room, which means that it catches the eye, stands out and has a dramatic impact on the look and feel of the room.


Opting for custom made sofas means you can choose the style, shape, size and fabric of the new addition to your living room. This flexibility gives you unbridled freedom over the appearance of your home.

Luscious leather

Leather can give a room a contemporary, luxurious feel and you can take this opulence to a new level by opting for black or sumptuous chocolate brown leather.

If you want to achieve a classic style, go for plum and duck egg colours and for open plan homes use L-shaped custom made sofas to separate the living room from the dining room. Avoid dark fabrics in smaller spaces as this could make the room feel more claustrophobic.

Bespoke Fitted Bedrooms

It doesn’t stop at sofas either. With a vast choice of fireplaces, surrounds, back panels and hearths; you can build your own fireplace suite to bedeck a classic bedroom or any living room. Fitted bedroom furniture then allows you to decorate this intimate room with a distinctive, personal touch.

Customising furniture is an increasingly popular option for people who are moving into a new home or who simply want to give a room a more unique appeal – so why not give it a try?

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