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Times gone by enjoy a fair share of craving and love we people have for it. Vintage theme plays an integral role in home décor in modern times. Coming straight to the point, people love adding a vintage charm to their kitchen but some people find it hard to do so. There is nothing difficult about it and this article intends to help you take the plunge. Here is how with some simple yet interesting changes you can manage to bring the much-coveted vintage feel into your kitchen décor.

The Plate Artwork

Plate artwork is a way that serves many purposes. You can use the old crockery plates lying waste in your store to adorn the blank kitchen walls. Plates with some painting on them hung on the walls, is a vintage art people follow even today.

You can say, it is one trend that has been there for too long and is here to stay. Moreover, you get to play with such diverse colors and patterns, paint or color the plates in whichever color and pattern you like. You can paint all the plates in same color or a different color for each plate, the same goes for a pattern that you will draw as well.

Screened over a solid pantry door

A simple yet very effective change would be to replace the solid pantry door with a screened pantry door to add a vintage feel to your kitchen. Besides adding a vintage feel, a screened door would help bring in ample of light and the beautiful views outside if that door leads to outside of your home.

Use of Mason Jars & Reclaimed Wood

Mason jars and reclaimed wood are two things that help add an ideal vintage look to a kitchen. You can be creative to make Mason jar flowerpots or the pts in which you will grow kitchen herbs. You can hang them or simply place them on a shelf. Coming to the use of reclaimed wood, you can do that in a number of ways. Make a dining table and its chairs using reclaimed wood, design a small table with it, or a storage that you can place in some corner of your kitchen.


You can work upon the furniture in your kitchen in order to add the vintage feel to it. You go to a flea market or get a vintage dining table made on order. The bar stools you can place to cover the area around the countertop or the extra working area if there is any in your kitchen. To display your crockery do not forget to place a curio cabinet.

Pie safe

If you remember, a small wooden cabinet that used to adorn traditional kitchens called the pie safe, pie chest or the kitchen safe. It can become a focal point of your modern kitchen décor while adding a vintage charm to it. You can refurbish the old one if you have any, or just go for a new one that you can find in flea market. Paint it, or polish it and allow it to add the much-desired vintage feel to your kitchen.

Vintage linens

You have a new home but you crave for a dash of vintage charm in your kitchen, well use of vintage linen is a solution for you. Right from the colorful vintage tea towels, tablecloths, oven mitts, to vintage dishtowels enable you to have the required vintage charm in your new kitchen.

One of the very popular and a lovely way to make your kitchen unique and personalized is to add a vintage charm to it. Here are some cool ways to achieve that.

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