Oblong Bar Cabinet will give your living space a spark of the elegant

Urban homeowners are adept at entertaining guests at home with gourmet food and choicest beverages. Some are also showing inclination towards installing their own bar counter. Depending on your lifestyle, a bar counter might be a necessity and not just another luxury.

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However, not all of us can have enough space for a massive bar counter at home. To solve this problem Boca Do Lobo has created a unique design called Oblong Bar Cabinet ideal for all sizes of living spaces. You can use this bar cabinet solo or along with bar counter and stools for creating a perfect space where your guests can relax and enjoy your hospitality.

Compliments your lifestyle

The spectacular design of Oblong Bar Cabinet makes it suitable for your beautifully decorated home or apartment. It will enhance the glam quotient of your interiors. The designers have used innovative techniques for developing this sleek and bold bar cabinet that can be the center of attraction of your living space.

You can stock large amount of beverages such as whisky and wine for the special occasions. The Oblong Bar Cabinet will help you in hosting big parties consisting of fifty or more guests with ease. The guests will not complain about shortage of drinks when you stock the Oblong Bar Cabinet fully.

Combination of classic elegance and contemporary chic

A look at the Oblong Bar Cabinet will tell you that it is a classic and timeless piece of furniture that will never go out of style. At the same time it is enamored with the contemporary style which makes it user-friendly and convenient. The limited edition furniture is modernistic in terms of design and classic in terms of aesthetics. It has been created with the aim to add effortless style to contemporary living rooms and raise the level of luxury.

An exquisite creation of labor

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The handcrafted Oblong Bar Cabinet has resulted out of the hard work and labor of skilled craftsmen. The makers have used best in class materials and production methods for offering highest standards of quality. The mirror covered bar cabinet has been made by using metal on top of a frame of wood, for offering durability and sturdiness. The black gold finish gives it a regal attraction that no one can deny.

Oblong Bar Cabinet is the perfect companion of modern homeowners for attending to their guests at home. It fits all types of interiors and compliments most living room decors perfectly.

Source : Bocadolobo.Com

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