Alma by Leo Millares is a unique collection of 99 tattooed tables

Fanstudio Alma by Leo Millares

After receiving wide acclamation for the Laminart, Iwa, and Zero furniture collections, the young firm Fanstudio has come up with the “99 Project”, which aims to offer a perfect blend of art and design. The 99 Project involves artists, designers, painters, sculptors, tattoo artists, designers and photographers who have used Fanstudio’s furniture collection as a black canvas to make something truly unique and wonderful out of it. Renowned tattoo artist Leo Millares has contributed to the unique project by tattooing a set of set of 99 Corian Dupont tables from the Fanstudio’s Laminart Collection.

The Laminart indoor/outdoor furniture collection, designed by Jorge Goval, creative director of Fanstudio, has been created entirely out of solid Corian. The natural fluidity of Leo Millares’ body art perfectly complements the sensual curves of the Laminart collection. The tattoo artist thought of a woman occupying the table and expressed the same though his tabletop work in tattooed Corian and resin.

The buyers of these tattooed tables will also get a chance to contribute to the project by getting a personal message inscribed on the limited edition tattooed table. Part of the proceeds from the sale will go to a non-profit organization.

Alma Limited Edition by Leo Millares for Fanstudio

Alma Limited Edition by Leo Millares

Alma Limited Edition Fanstudio

Alma Limited Edition Leo Millares

Alma Limited Edition

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