Alpha gives science an artistic touch to be a topper for décor

When it comes to home decoration, even the slightest details can matter a lot. The little accessories and accents reflect your personality and transform a house into a home. If you are someone who loves to collect unique pieces of décor items for enhancing home décor, then The Alpha is made for you.

This one of a kind table lamp has combined art and science with a strong regard for recycling. The Lightglas Nick Veasey edition has a charming appearance that can illuminate any corner of your home in style. The Alpha is also for the eco-conscious homeowners concerned about cutting down there carbon footprint. It reflects the mastery of its designers through the almost lyrical togetherness of glass and reused wood.

Out of the box creativity

The designers have used light and glass together in an artistic manner to develop The Alpha table lamp. Inside the glass pane, the personalized motif is engraved using advanced laser technology. This innovative method has helped in keeping the glass dry and created an attractive three-dimensional look. The designers have also hid the LED light source well so that the table lamp looks more classy infused with subtle elegance.

The eco-friendly timber

All across the world it is now known that reusing and recycling used metal, wood, plastic, water and other resources is the only way of attaining sustainability. Keeping the necessity of recycling and reusing in mind the designers of The Alpha table lamp have used time worn and upcycled timber from the ancient half-timbered houses of the Black Forest. The marks of historic tools and surfaces etched with ravages of time make each of these lamps unique in their own right.

Incomparable and exotic

As its base is made of wood that has survived time to reach your home, The Alpha resonates with an incredible exotic flavor. Despite being made from scratch it will suit luxurious interiors perfectly. Another specialty of this lamp is the X-ray artwork. The glass panel has been marked with the three dimensional image of a table lamp, illuminated by LED light. X-Nick Veasey is what helps The Alpha stand out in an immense crowd of humdrum table lamps. It is ornate without any filigree work or ornate designs.

The Alpha is a new age interesting table lamp, which can be admired as a work of art. It combines science with art by offering powerful illumination with 10W LED hidden in the glass panel.

Source : Jimdo.Com

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