TEND is setting a new trend in a world inclined towards quick gratification

Humans, being the only rational beings on planet earth, are used to getting their wishes granted immediately. The advancement of technology has made them more inclined towards instant gratification. Life is more beautiful when there is an element of surprise. When one has to strive a little more to get the simple privileges, it is easier to derive satisfaction.

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With a desire to promote proactive way of life, Max Berger has designed a unique table lamp named TEND. It not just looks different but also works differently. Unlike the gadgets and appliances you use at home, this contemporary table lamp connects you to the more adventurous side of your nature.

For a wider vision

The idea of TEND was conceived so that users can look at devices like table lamps as instruments which are connected to our actions. With TEND at home your perspective will effectively change and instead of looking at objects as instruments of gratification you will be able to think of them as a part of life.

TEND also teaches the value of caring for appliances and tending to them. The designed, Max Berger believes objects to be our kin and his design philosophy revolves around this belief. The appliances, objects and devices which easily get integrated with our daily life are not noticeable but TEND needs your tender attention for working and thus get your attention quite easily.

What is TEND?

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TEND is basically a uniquely shaped tabletop lamp which works in the light actuation method of the bioluminescent organisms. There is water inside this lamp. For turning on the light the user must nudge it so that the water inside become turbulent. Light is generated by the turbulence of the light. When the lamp and water stops swaying the light also goes off. The brilliant technology works through the partnering of the object with the user.

Imagination merged with innovation

We are so used to turning on lights or turning them off with the help of a switch that the privilege of illumination does not affect our consciousness. TEND engages the consciousness of the users to add a little more amusement in daily life. It does not have any separate switch as it is itself a switch.

TEND is a slightly bizarre yet super amazing innovation which works on the principle of connecting individuals with the objects they use. It only turns on light when moved by the users.

Source : Behance.Net

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